I'm Back


What’s up ya’ll!!!

It has been soooo long since I’ve posted anything in this blog. I’ve been so busy with so many things…. When I started this blog I remembered saying to myself: I will never let it die. Guess What, That is exactly what I did. However, I did not give up, I want to continue to share contents on this blog whether or not I get views and or likes. I’m willing to put myself out there and act as a fool. lol ;D

Anyway…. My mom always tell me if you don’t give your all to what you enjoy doing, it will never be successful. So now, I’m giving my all – I’m going all in, no more breaks.

You must wonder – but she can’t do this alone. YES, YOU ARE RIGHT. I can’t do this alone, I will need all your help to keep me going. Send me comments, feedbacks, anything that you thing may be relevant for me to do on this blog regardless how silly you think your ideas may be. The good thing is, I love all kind of advice and suggestions. I welcome them with open arms.

So don’t be shy, help me make this page alive!!!








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