Crochet Basics 101

Learning about Crochet Hooks

As you may or may not know there are several types of crochet hooks. They all vary from sizes, shapes, and types.


The American crochet hook has 2 names: Letter + Number. eg- H-8. The size H hook is 5mm, but for some reason in America it is paired with the number 8.


You may ask why the different sizes. Well, the size of your hook is related to the diameter of the yarn that is used for a project and the Gauge (number of stitches per in).

To understand this, I’m adding a chart from Yarn Forward to make it easier for you to see the different sizes.


The shape of the hook varies from brand to brand. It all depends on what you are comfortable with as a crocheter. If you are crocheting for long hours, a standard crochet hook may not be the best choice. A standard crochet hook handle is too short and too thin, it can be very uncomfortable.


Steel hook: is used for fine thread crocheting

Picture by Wool Crafting

Picture by Wool Crafting

Aluminum hook: is a popular  and generic type of hook, can be used for baby crochet.

Picture by Wool Crafting

Picture by Wool Crafting

Bamboo hook: is very lightweight and light in the hand. It can help to avoid fatigue and to extend your crochet time.

Picture on Ebay

Picture on Ebay

Picture by Knitternerd

Picture by Knitternerd

Tunisian hook: (also called Cro-Hook) is a very long hook with 2 different hooks in each side. It is mostly used for Tunisian crocheting stitch. This type of crochet is different than normal crochet and a little like knitting.


picture from Amazon

Picture from Amazon

Ergonomic hook: helps to reduce strain on your hands as you crochet. They usually have larger soft handle.





The Knook hook: is a long crochet hook with a hole at the end. You can run your thread through the hole and create beautiful crochet pieces that look like knitting.




There is a whole world behind crocheting and knowing the different types of hook for each project is the first step.

On our next tutorial, I will teach you how to  make a Chain Stitch. Stay tuned and remember to send me feedbacks and comments on what you think of the blog and what you would like to see more of.


Until next Time!!!

XoXo ❤ ❤ ❤





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