3-Set Collections

3-Set Collections

Hello Guys,



I’m sharing with you one of my collections of crochet set. This set is made of  a beanie, a scarf and a headband. Several people I introduced this set to, fell in love with it.



This crochet set can be use all year long. In the Winter and the Fall, you can rock your scarf  and your beanie together; or you can mix and match them with different items. In the Spring and Summer, you can use your headband to go with different styles.



In other for me to create this crochet set, I used Sugar’ n Cream yarn. This yard is made with 100% cotton and feel very soft on your skin. The color I use in this piece is a PotPourri Ombre. I really like that color because it is very natural. It looks very nice with different styles of your liking. You can use it for dressy, classy, funky, or even casual wear.

I added  pictures of each items so you can see the finish product

If you are interested in this beautiful set, feel free to contact me and I can make you your own set with any color of your choice.

Do leave comments, I will love to hear your ideas and advice.

2 thoughts on “3-Set Collections

  1. Olivia says:

    My advice it stick with it, it becomes easier as you follow more patterns. Patterns teach you a lot. I love the layout of your blog, I have set up and made blogs and websites professionally for years and I like your layout up a lot. You will do well.


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